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ColdCorp Refrigeration Systems leads the industry with a wide variety of system technologies that cover a broad range of design applications. Our simple goal is to meet the diverse needs of supermarket retailers, helping them sell more products, more profitably, more responsibly.

Regardless of the type of systems, ColdCorp customers can choose from a number of options and configurations to meet their specific refrigeration needs. Systems are designed and built based on space and performance requirements, regulatory compliance and other characteristics. Quality and excellence ensures that ColdCorp customers receive the best answers to their refrigeration systems' needs.

ColdCorp Refrigeration Specialises in:

  • Supermarket Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Warehouse Air-conditioning, Cold and Freezer rooms and the supply of display Cabinets for the various departments.
  • Fresh produce storage and ripening rooms for the farming industry.
  • Specially controlled humidity and temperature rooms for the Pharmaceutical industry, Printing facilities, fruit storage rooms, dehumidifying rooms and Warehousing.
  • Cad operated turret punch and Sheet metal shop facility to cater for replacement cabinet parts, refurbishing of display cabinets and new stainless steel shelving.
  • Project management services include the coordination of new supermarket installations and refurbishment of refrigeration equipment while the supermarket stores are still retail-trading.

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Distributed Systems

ColdCorp Refrigeration produces a wide range of distributed refrigeration products that offer an effective alternative to conventional centralised systems. Designed to reduce the amount of piping and refrigerant contained in a centralised refrigeration system, distributed system designs allow the components to be placed closer to each load.

Specific applications require specific design answers and ColdCorp Refrigeration provides the most flexible alternatives in the industry with three specific product families:



Automation and Temperature Control by ColdCorp

Running a supermarket has never been more challenging. ColdCorp Refrigeration understands the complex issues you face every day. That’s why we continue to bring you insight and innovation designed to improve efficiency and let your employees put their focus where it belongs – on your customers. How do we do that? By offering an array of supermarket automation products and services that help you conserve energy, reduce energy expenses, protect food, monitor equipment, and lower your overall operating costs.

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Cold and Freezer Rooms 


Glass Door Display 


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